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The Morrison-Joyce government is not telling the truth about clean energy and climate change, and they're hoping you won't notice. 


What they say...

"Technology not Taxes"

The Reality

$10b in taxes spent every year to subsidise coal, oil and gas


Australia has increased its fossil fuel subsidies more than any other G20 nation

What they say...

Climate change will be solved by ‘can do’ capitalism

The Reality

The government is practicing fossil fuel socialism instead of letting the market decide.


It has spent $660m on a gas plant nobody wants and is spending billions subsidising fossil fuels.


What they say...

Other countries like China are emitting a lot more...

The Reality

Australia’s emissions per person are about twice those of China. If we want China to increase its climate ambition, the most effective thing we in Australia can do is to walk the talk, and do much more ourselves.


We have the best renewable resources in the world, so it’s easy and will save us money. 

What they say...

Australia has reduced its emissions by more than 20%, more than many other countries

The Reality

Emissions from land clearing in 2005 (the base year) were sky high. If land clearing is factored out, Australia’s record is much worse that just about every other country. 


What they say...

We’re installing record amounts of renewables, far more than under Labor

The Reality

The large amounts of renewable energy generation being installed are all due to the efforts of state governments. The Morrison government has not only done nothing, but they have consistently tried to frustrate attempts to install more renewables, and instead build more coal and gas. 

What they say...

Carbon Capture and Storage will solve the problem

The Reality

CCS is about five times as expensive as solar and wind energy and will have a negligible impact on emission reductions over the next 10 years, when it really matters.  


Our world is rapidly changing. 


Economists tell us that Australia has the potential to become a renewable energy superpower.


A clean energy future is a future with more jobs, greater prosperity and better security.

To achieve this, we require clear government policies. We need our politicians to act.


However, the Morrison-Joyce Coalition government still supports uneconomic coal and gas projects over clean energy.


We risk being left behind as the rest of world decarbonises. 


But we have the power to change this.

Vote Smart this Federal Election.


Vote for politicians who support the transition to a clean future.


Put the Liberals Last


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