#VoteCleanFuture is not your typical campaign!  


We are people from different walks of life, including engineers, economists and health professionals, who care about this country, our economy and our environment. We believe that economy and environment can and must go together for Australia and indeed the rest of the world to prosper.




















We believe that many of our politicians fail to serve out interests by continuing to support fossil fuel investments, instead of supporting a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy based technologies – technologies which will lead to a stronger economy and a healthier, safer and more prosperous Australia. An example of poor decision making is the federal government’s recent decision to spend $600m on a new gas plant despite the fact that experts agree it is not needed.  

Therefore, we want to visually show and  encourage all Australians to vote in the coming Federal Election for politicians who do not support further fossil fuel projects and instead encourage the transition away from fossil fuels.   


However, we cannot do this without you. 

In the next federal (or state) election, please for politicians who will support the transition away from fossil fuels. Talk to your family and friends, and spread the word


Be part of the movement to help Australia move away from fossil fuels towards a brighter and more prosperous future. 

Authorised Klaus Weber, Canberra