The Economics of Gas don't stack up

Gas accounts for only about 0.28% of total employment in Australia. The $2.9billion in federal government funding to the gas industry will only create around 1,800 jobs; the same money in health and education would create around 19,000 jobs. What's more, gas is far more expensive than renewable energy.


Gas is Nearly as Dirty as Coal

CO2 emissions from the burning of gas are at best half those of coal - but usually more. What's worse, in the process of extracting, storing and transporting gas, methane is released - which is nearly 100 times as powerful as CO2 at warming the planet. Overall, the benefits of gas over coal are at best marginal, and not enough to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as fast as we need to.  The International Energy Agency, clearly states that no new fossil fuel projects - including gas - should go ahead

Gas is not a Transition Fuel 

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has found that more gas fired power generation is not needed as Australia moves away from coal and towards renewables, and that there will instead be a significant overall decline in gas use for electricity generation in the future. Storage options such as battery and pumped hydro storage are cheaper than gas.


Carbon Capture and Storage does not deliver

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) attached to fossil fuel energy infrastructure like gas wells or power stations only captures a fraction of the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning, and cannot deliver the steep emissions reductions that are needed. Australia's flagship CCS project has is capturing less than half the emissions needed to make CCS viable, suffers from cost blow-outs and even if fully successful would only reduce emissions by 40%