The Paris Climate Accord and Fossil Fuels

Australia is a signatory to the Paris Accord, whose goal is to limit global heating to less than 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. This requires that more than 80% of all proven fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground, leaving no room for the development of new fossil fuel reserves, be they gas, oil or coal.

A commitment to the Paris Accord means strong action on climate change and commitment to rapidly phase out fossil fuels.

Economists, Business and Investors

A Deloitte Global survey found that 89% per cent of the Australian executives surveyed viewed climate change and environmental sustainability as the "societal issue of greatest focus".  Australia's own business council supports strong action on climate change

Goldman Sachs recently announced plans to spend $750 billion on climate transition projects and curb fossil fuel lending.


Farmers and Firefighters

Farmers say the Federal Government has no alternative but to embrace a green recovery: "Will we choose to invest in a sustainable and profitable renewables-led recovery, or will we sacrifice our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren?"

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action stated "The Federal Government must ... take urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This clearly means no new coal or gas, and a rapid transition to renewable energy."

Security and Defense Experts

The Australian Security Leaders Climate Group  has warned Australia is ‘ill-prepared’ for the threat that climate change poses to Australia’s security’ and that “... climate change is an existential threat to many Indo-Pacific countries”. The US Defense Secretary has also called climate change an existential threat


Doctors and Health Experts

The medical colleges of Australia and the AMA have all declared climate change a health emergency , requiring urgent action by our government in order to protect Australian communities. A coalition of 29 leading health groups called on the government to commit to a national climate change response warning that "... we face existential threats to humanity" and stating “ Backing gas and fossil fuels will only accelerate the climate health emergency, further putting at risk the health of all Australians.”


The Australian Academy of Science concludes "The planet is well on the path to devastating climate change... The only way to reduce the risk of ... unpredictable and dangerous outcomes is for a substantial reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. "